Ellis County Sheriff's Explorers Post 106
"We aim high to hit the mark"

Ellis County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Johnny Brown's Attention All Units

This annual event redefined the standard for extreme exploring competition. 

Sheriff Johnny Brown's Attention All Units is an advanced skills competition created to challenge some of the more experienced explorers who have been to multiple competitions.  The competition simulates a real patrol shift. The competitors arrive at the Ellis County Historic Courthouse on competition day, where they will be briefed by Sheriff Johnny Brown. They will be sworn in as honorary deputies for the day. (Note: they will not have any powers of a real peace officer, only in controlled scenarios) They are issued equipment then it’s time to hit the street.  The 11 teams will compete in 10 events; every team gets assigned to every event at some point through the competition. The competition ends with a dinner and award ceremony. During the ceremony participants are encouraged to share their experiences and what they have taken from the events. Awards will be presented to first, second and third place teams based on overall average score. An individual trophy will be awarded to one contestant who displays the best shooting skills in our firearms simulator better known as the “Top Gun” competition.

Scenarios for the day may include:


  1. Accident Investigation
  2. Arrest Search & Seizure (drug raid)
  3. Burglary In Progress
  4. Call for Police – Suicidal Subject
  5. Crime Scene Investigation
  6. Domestic Disturbance Intervention
  7. Felony Traffic Stops
  8. Misdemeanor Traffic Stops
  9. Police Firearm’s Simulator
  10. Attention All Units Event
  11. Active Shooter

Each post is required to bring a uniformed peace officer, a marked patrol vehicle from their respective agency and their three top explorers.  Once briefing is over, they get in their vehicle and the advisor drives them to the radio dispatched calls just like regular patrol. Calls are held in realistic locations.  For example burglary in progress will be staged at a real business in the area. Disturbances will be held in a model home or apartment. The competitors will have to find the address on a mapsco, and tell the advisor how to drive them to the call. When they get to the call they have to tell the advisor where to park.  Once the patrol vehicle is parked, the advisor will step aside and the explorers take over the call. Using their training and experience they will handle the situation just like a regular peace officer.  When they have completed the call, they check back in service by radio and are dispatched to their next call.  Just like the real thing!

Attention All Units” – This is our Explorer’s niche. At some point in the day a major incident will be staged. At real school campus, or similar place. This (not for score) event will be dispatched when least expected.